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Kashrut Crisis at Le Marais and OU

Please check out the site first. Review the info that I have presented. Should you have any questions or concerns you can comment here on this blog, and I will address every concern collectively and periodically.

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Anonymous Hareni mekabel alay... said...

Yes, do you have the voice recording? Do you want to post it so that we can listen to this?

Also, why don't you put some words in about yourself, so people see who you are.

I hope this attack is well founded since you must be aware of implications you look at. I also hope that the Jewish Public will stop going to the Le Marais until the situation clears up.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Shoime J Heineken said...

listen, dude, he doesnt have to post the voice recordings. If you doubt him, then why do YOU say: I also hope that the Jewish Public will stop going to the Le Marais until the situation clears up.
This clearly indicates U share his belief and therefore, by logical reasoning, he is correct! I USED to dine at Le Marais. NO MORE. Till they PUT OUT a statement stating that they taken "corrective action" and fired this "Sonay Yisrael" bastard who is, if we are led to believe, contaminating the KOsher consumer. Thank you!

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you refer to the chef as a Jew Hater? You say Rabbi Schrier referred to him this way but then denied it. But it is your blog that repeatedly refers to the chef in capital letters as a JEW HATER. It is possible for a chef to be angry with management or careless or disrespectful without being a JEW HATER. When a Jewish butcher sold traif meat to the Monsey community he was not labeled a Jew Hater. It is wrong to label this chef a Jew Hater unless you have evidence that he is behaving as he does because he specifically hates Jews.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Oferiko said...

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8:33 PM  
Anonymous drummer said...


from the days in my front porch where we sat drumming with tennis balls in our wrist to learn technique I knew you were an honest person and a yirei shamayim

I want to tell you a story.

firstly hashem should bentch you, the OU has a lot of coverups and you should stand tall.

About 9 yrs ago I owned a restaurant and wanted to use a product under the Tablet K. The tablet K is under the Hashgacha of Rabbi Safra of New York. My rav hamachshir at the time said that I could not use the products since the Rav Hamachshir was a "not Yiras Shomayim". I didn't accept that answer and called Rabbi Safra for his position. he explained it had to do with imported fish. whatever the case thats a whole different story.

Bottom line the Product under his hashgacha was from a company caller Ammoro Foods in Baltimore. Ammoro was owned by a french goy who all his company did was create cake mixes, emulsifyers and different cake/baking items of a commercial grade. He said that he was approached by the OU for a hashgacha but said he could not afford 20k a year since he didnt have a very large kosher clientel. however had the OU guaranteed him 120k in buisness annually he would agree to the 20k.

In my persistance I asked my rav hamachshir. "if one of the large hashgacha companies allow the use of rabbi safras hashgacha will you allow me to use it? his answer was "we will discuss it then".

I called the OU and asked if they allow the use of the Tablet K and was told it is not an acceptable hashgacha and that the rabbi was not a yiras shomayim.

I called Ammoro foods and asked if he sold to any large companies under a different kosher certification than his. His answer was yes I set to MOTHERS KITCHEN. Ironically MOTHERS KITCHEN is under the OU Hashgacha untill this day. He also sent me copies of that time their latest order and their signed receipt of delivery. I called the OU to discuss my find and I was screemed at that I am fabricating a story and being moitzy shem rav the OU.

My friend from Ammoro foods told me that Rabbi Safra charged him 3k annually for the hashgacha. Rabbi safra told me the reason was that his products were all made up of ingredients from all the major hashgachos.

Bottom line I never used the product because my rav hamachshir didnt waiver but I will say this he is a witness to what I found. He also was once part of the OU. Additionally his head mashgiach was a witness.

The OU like all other hashgachos has to be made to stand up to the truth and not hide and extort people. the reason I told this story is because MOTHERS KITCHEN is a huge account for the OU and they bent the rules for them only out of fear of loosing their client.


Thank you for bringing these issues to the forfront. I am a frequent visitor to Le Marais especcially their pepper crusted steak and cigar room which I will no longer be frequenting untill the OU comes out with a statement of truth and does something to make me feel more comfortable. You were trustworthy as mashgiach they are not

your friend always, you are a very special yid hashem will protect you

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


For those who may be unaware, the scum RICHARD KLASS and owner of le marais JOSE were able to adjourn for a week, which buys them more time to shut Mr. Bitton up. Luckily, they cant do it forever, and when its lifted, the truth will come flying out. In the meantime please donate to the legal fund that has been setup, so we can help Mr Bitton fight against the cowards at le marais and the OU.

The paypal link is below. You can begin passing it

Thanks again.

10:22 AM  

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