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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Proofs of all allegations about Le Marais' Chef are up

The mighty OU had shown its cowardice by not removing the threat of Kashrut at Le Marais: the chef Mark. Instead they had opted for an easier task: Smashing a mashgiach shall he go public. They were well prepared. They obtained an unlawful Gag order to keep me quiet for as long they needed to go on a "Cleansing" campaign (with full force of lies). Their high hopes that by the time I would come with any kind of proofs of their corruption, this story will have died down will surely dissipate.
Jewish consumers are just fed up with being fooled by anyone in the Kashrut world. It is simply a big Hoax to want to maintain someone like Mark Hennessy as a chef in a Kosher restaurant. Therefore people really concerned with their Kashrut should realize they are victims of a farce played on them by an unscrupulous restaurant owner as well as some
dishonnest Rabbis of the OU.

After listening to the recordings uploaded in this recent update you will have no doubt anymore that:
1 )The chef Mark was indeed fired from Levana's (as opposed to everybody's firm statement that he left on good terms).

2 )Le Marais and the OU Rabbis have shamefully lied in public to deny the numerous Kashrut violations and hide the Probation status of this chef at Le Marais.

3 )The Shellfish incident was not a mistake!( Please call the OU to get the answer why it was cited in the list of the Kashrut violations on the probation document sent to the owner?)

4 )The OU had desperately covered up for one of their staff member who had given free passage to a fired chef to another kosher restaurant: Le Marais. It is certainly not my specialty to do this kind of recording, but when I witnessed so much corruption behind the backs of unsuspecting jewish consumers, I knew that down the road I would need unrefutable testimonies to expose that corruption.

Without these audio testimonies it would have been simply foolish for me to even think of exposing the OU. Listen to Rabbi Luban's playful statement on radio (april 22- 07) "So in the end it became a question of Mr Bitton's interpretation of what had taken place". That should give an idea of the OU's skillful way to divert the public eye from their shameful politics. It is very ironic though that since I started to upload some recordings right after recovering my free speech, the OU did not offer a single comment as opposed to their total denials when this affair became public. It looks like they, at least, do not need a Gag order to keep silent!!!

- A word on the lawsuit:Le Marais' spokesman had announced to the press lately that they were dropping the defamation lawsuit against me, but that was just a tactic to pacify me into keeping quiet. That did not work and in fact their lawsuit is still in effect today.

- When I said (on my website introduction, mid March) EIN EMUNA BAGOY concerning Le Marais' owner, I certainly did not intend to insult the non jews G-d forbid (I have a lot of good friends that are not jewish). I only meant it in a matter of religion. We don't rely on a non jew IN MATTER OF RELIGION simply because he does not understand the ramifications and the severity of Kashrut violations no matter how many years he is in the Kosher business. His insistance to hold on to his corrupt chef just because he is a good chef, without ever taking in consideration his basic moral responsibility towards his jewish clients is total nonsense.

- About Rabbi Belsky's statement that my allegations are unfounded: I still cannot understand how a Rabbinic authority
or anybody in general can give his opinion without being presented with all the facts from BOTH sides. I strongly suggest to Rabbi Belsky's entourage to bring him the recordings posted in this new update, I have no doubt he will change his opinion after listening to them.

- It is an insult to Torah commitment and to basic Kashrut integrity for high ranks of the OU like Rabbi Elefant and Rabbi Luban to deny in public (Brenner show April 1st and April 22) the chef's corruption they admitted in private (meeting at the OU headquarters mid Dec 06) I am dismayed that the morning mashgiach allowed the OU Rabbis to rewrite the facts.

- It is an insult to Torah commitment and to basic Kashrut integrity 1) for a Rav Hamachshir to have continously turned his back on the numerous Kashrut violations just for "his own protection". 2) That nobody should ever hear that a
Rav H A M A C H S H I R has done such a thing as letting a corrupt fired chef to be reemployed by another Kosher restaurant! His many schemes to hide his blunder went as far as harassing me into leaving my position, sending me a letter of intimidation and even having a Rav of a small Kashrut organization propose me another mashgiach position (anything he could do to get rid of someone "who knew too much"!)

- It is an insult to Torah commitment and basic Kashrut integrity finally for someone like Rabbi Genack himself who had shown that the main OU's concern in this affair was "his own protection" (which mirrored the same exact policy of his Rav Hamachshir) more than "Kashrut Protection" in his inadvertently accidental email to me which read like this: "THERE IS NO SATISFYING HIM ,FOR OUR PROTECTION GO BACK TO SOL WITH THIS EMAIL" (which was an accidental response to the email he had just received from me). Sol as everyone now knows is Sol Kirshenbaum from Levana restaurant who had pulled the strings behind the scenes to have the OU keep his former chef in place at Le Marais at any costs for fear of retaliation (I'll leave it to everyone's understanding, Hamevin Yavin)

- I certainly did not wish to tarnish the OU's image in this affair, Chas Veshalom. The impact and importance of the OU in the whole world of Kashrut is not up for discussion. The outstanding number of great Rabbis and G-d fearing people working for the OU is something to be aknowledged with great honor both nationally and internationally. In no way do I associate the behavior and dishonnesty of some staff members of the OU to all levels of the OU enterprise G-d forbid. I strictly reported what I saw and heared in this unfortunate case and I will continue to speak out because enough is enough of this abuse of Kashrut by any and all.

[Because of the complexity and the many ramifications of this sad affair I would suggest to people who have time to read to check in my website, and read the letters and e-mails I sent the OU in the course
of the seven months before my resignation]

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Recordings Are Up

Some of the recordings are up http://www.amashgiachspeaksout.com/updates.htm

Friday, March 23, 2007

New Info - OU Sly Tactics

Please be aware that the OU intends to insult the intelligence of all the Jewish people. Their way of dealing with this issue, is by saying that I myself do not agree (retracted all my statements) with, well, what I have said. Thats an interesting approach. If we were children it could probably work, but the truth is, when all you have are blatant lies, I cant imagine a better way to handle this.

Secondly, there is new info on the website, in the form of a Report that I sent early on in this crisis. It is at www.amashgiachspeaksout.com/Report.doc I did not alter anything in this report it remains in the same form as it was received by the OU. Therefore a it is a word doc it has replaced the previously hebrew words with gibberish. The hebrew words that were there were "sonay yisrael" - jew hater and "Hamevin Yavin, meaning the one who understands, gets it.

What is presented in that report are undisputed facts. The OU keeps on claiming that these are incidents fabricated by me alone, when in fact there were other witnesses involved in these incidents.

For the strawberries there was a kitchen worker who witnessed the incident and the other mashgiach witnessed that there were worms later found in the strawberries. Also after this incident the Owner officially fired the chef, who was later reinstated by the OU. This was witnessed by the first mashgiach which he admits to on tape. This tape will be put up in due time.

For the Dairy Margarine there was the first mashgiach, who witnessed it, and contrary to the trash the OU is stating, the margarine WAS USED, it was placed in a pot with other food. The pot and all its contents were discarded though. Again, all these are facts that are corroborated.

For the chef lighting the pilot, contrary to what the OU says that here merely taunted me that he would do so (which in truth, what does this prove? oh no, he isn't a jew hater right? what would make you think that? he only "teased" me that he would light the pilot?) the owner himself witnessed it, aside from myself on several occassions.

So, you see, again, I stress there the FACTS which I present and I will back up with tape recordings, and then there are distorted views which the OU continues to offer, because, well, what can you expect. They didn't fire him while I was on the spot and witnessed this abhorrent behaviour with my own eyes, so why would they change now.

As the rabbi that worked there, I attest to the fact that as long as Le Marais has this chef, an owner that "takes risks" (with kashrut, which are his own words) and the OU, an organization that cares for none of the above, then you should eat at your own risk. But you are warned. Do not tell yourself that there is a mashgiach there, and if something is wrong it is on his shoulders, because you are now well aware of the truth and subsequently the consequences.

I urge you to read the report, and you will be able to piece the crisis together, and realize that the views the OU are offering, are tantamount to venom from a snakes mouth. The fact that they continue to deny all the issues at hand, also tells me and everyone else, that they continue to put jews at risk for eating non-kosher. This raises the question on their ability to execute their supposed mission which is to certify kashrut.

For all those who attack me (OU cronies) and claim that this is personal, I respond in the following: What have I gained? I lost my job. I put 6 months of my life, placing all my other life activities including family aside to ensure that this would be resolved. All to no avail. What I have gained, thanks in large part to the overwhelming support of the jewish communities and the rabbis, is the courgae, strength and determination to continue with this struggle.

There is a simple concept in the torah, and that is that Good, Tzedek, always prevails. I assure all, that indeed justice will prevail.

I do wish to enlist the help of all the people, as this will be the only way the principles of the torah, halacha and kashrut can prevail. Please start by doing the obvious, and boycott "Le Marais". Secondly exert enormous pressure on both the OU and Le Marais, and please do not be fooled by their views which are merely excuses to promote their agenda.

Your strength is mine.

Shabbat Shalom

Thursday, March 22, 2007


As this story begins to unfold, I again have to make myself very clear. I AM YITZCHAK BITTON. Previously the mashgiach at Le Marais. I AM NOT distancing myself from any of the comments that I have made as the OU is suggesting. It is sad to see that their only response is not only to deny the issue, but to try and get ME to hop on their bandwagon. OU absurdity at its worst.

Please be advised that DOV SCHREIER is sending out false emails alleging that I am retracting my previous statements. THIS IS A LIE. But then again, it doesnt surprise me that after running up against lies for six months that this would be their Modis Operendi at this point in the game.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Point

As this story begins to extend in its reach to the public, I would like to stress the point and the goal of my entire campaign.

The Chef at Le Marais had on several occasions tampered with the Kashrut. Examples include, ordering shellfish, buying and smuggling dairy margarine, lighting the pilot of the ovens (not bishul yisrael), using strawberries that were not checked by the mashgiach when he was well aware that A) it had to be checked by the mashgiach first and B) that it was not in fact checked. This was an occurence that was witnessed by one of the kitchen workers, and when he brought it up to the chef and the owner, it is then when the chef lunged at me as if to attack me only to be held back by the owner himself. It is also ironic, or perhaps it isn't, that when I later checked the strawberries I found several worms in them.

If this was an ordinary chef with no past experience in the kosher restaurant business, perhaps after the first or second time it could be excused as innocent mistakes. The fact however that this chef is not only someone with plenty years of experience under his belt in the Kosher Food business, but is also someone that was just fired by Levanas Restaurant prior to his employment at Le Marais, also for Kashrut tampering (which they continue to deny for obvious reasons.. see letters at site to understand).

So to get to my point. THE CHEF MUST GO. The problem is, while I spent six months on an OU rollercoaster, they had digressed from the real issue. The fact that there is a cover up going on at the OU is secondary to the FACT that there is STILL a JEW HATING CHEF (as rabbi schreier referred to him, which he later admitted, then denied, and admitted that perhaps he forgot that he admitted or denied) that is in a "Kosher Kitchen" and may very well be tampering with the kashrut as we speak. For every time he was caught red-handed, I can only imagine how many times he wasn't caught.

And this is the problem. This is the Goal. He must be fired. Immediately. This is first issue, before we move onto questioning the credibility of the OU and their methods. This must be demanded.

Are you willing to take the risk that this chef is spiking your kosher food? Well, the owner of Le Marais "Jose" told me "yes, I am taking a risk, but in my business we take risks". Well, isn't it lovely that the GOY owner is willing to take risks with Kashrut at the behest of his unsuspecting jewish clientelle?

Many are telling me, they spoke to the OU and they said everything is fine. WOW, I am shocked. If I spent six months (and when I say six months, that means that every minute when I wasnt actually in the kitchen, i was writing reports and letters at the request of the OU (which itself was an attempt to "yank my chain") and all that was to no avail, why would anyone expect them to concede and admit their inequities?

So, It is at my site that I present the facts in their bare state. I will prove to anyone willing to be open, listen and to read, that this is a grave situation that must be dealt with utmost severity.

So, please, check out the information. Comment. Ask. Express your concern, and I will address it all, as I am confident that I have what I need to prove this kashrut crisis.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

PS I would suggest that until this is resolved, you forgo eating at Le Marais.

Kashrut Crisis at Le Marais and OU

Please check out the site www.amashgiachspeaksout.com first. Review the info that I have presented. Should you have any questions or concerns you can comment here on this blog, and I will address every concern collectively and periodically.

Thank you